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Creative Lightwork and Etheric Healing

Light and ascension outline

The very basis of all that exists in creation, from planets down to the smallest thought, consists of light in higher frequencies than what we perceive in 3-dimensional reality.  This loving light is the essence of God, Creation, Source, and it is the essence of all things as everything and everyone possesses God’s essence within and without.  By working with light in ourselves and in all aspects of the world around us we are bringing the pure God essence out of ourselves and essentially assisting in the healing of all that is.  This begins simply by visualising light in ourselves and in our world as often as possible.  Over time the light heals all negativities from any aspect of life that it touches.

Our planet has been through at least 4 great ages.  Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron.  We are now transitioning into a new Golden Age or Light Age.  We are moving from the prophesised worst period of mankind into the best.

Ascension is the process that our earth and humanity are going through at this time.  It is the transition from 3rd dimension into 5th dimension.  In 5th dimension the concept of time becomes 3D instead of being linear.  Therefore we can move around freely in space and time through the use of our consciousness.  This also means that in 5th dimension we become able to manifest immediately just by using our consciousness and thought.  This is why one can only ascend into 5th dimension by becoming a being of pure unconditional love, because anything less than that could have devastative affects. 

The process of ascension within ourselves is seeing the activation of our previously dormant DNA of which comprises 97%.  We were only using 3% before.  The DNA is activated mainly by our conscious effort to bring more and more pure love into our lives.  The feeling of love is the vibrational frequency of our heart heightening.  This higher frequency unlocks more and more of our DNA over time.  The increasing density of loving energy that our earth is receiving at this time due to its galactic position is also playing an essential part in this process.  The complete activation of our DNA will bring us into fully conscious interdimensional beings where all of our dormant faculties are restored. These include light body, psychic healing, telepathy, bilocation, telekinesis, remote viewing, astral and interdimensional travel and many more.  Our light bodies are the vessels with which our souls use to travel interdimensionally, for example, returning to Source in between lives.  Our light bodies are always there but we are only just remembering how to nurture them in order to bring them back into fully functional states.  When these are fully activated again we will achieve perfect health.  DNA and light body activation work in synchronisation.  We could also call this bringing spirit into the body, crystal or rainbow body, apotheosis (Man becomes God).  Our bodies change in many ways including the transmutation of our cellular strcture from cabon-based to silicone-based so that every cell can hold more light.  The entire process takes years.  This is our birth rite and any soul incarnate on the planet now has come here to be a part of this great change.    This is accomplished mainly by experiencing and manifesting more and more love and flooding light through yourselves, others and everything.  Mother Earth, Gaia is activating her own light body and ascending into 5th dimensional state.  This is happening now and we must evolve with her so it is important for those of us who know to help in whatever ways we can.

Lighwork Outline

These works are aimed to assist the spiritual development, light bodies and ascension of humanity on a global scale.  This in turn has a very positive effect on our own spiritual development and understanding as lightworkers.  They assist in our connection to spirit and higher self and of course to the infinite and eternally unconditional love and light of source / creator / God.

All of these practices function on an energetic / etheric level, which always manifest in physicality in their divine timing.  The concepts which work together to make these techniques so powerful are:  our true state of oneness - our connection with everyone and everything, the law of attraction – we are constantly manifesting everything that we think, feel and see, and the universal laws of light.

These can be participated in when meditating, sitting or lying down, when walking, travelling or in any other time, place and situation.  The different situations merely affect how deeply immersed the practitioner can get into their lightwork.

The reason why it is so important to practice these in groups is because “where more than 1 are gathered, therein is created a greater and more potent power to affect the most incredible and incomprehensive changes ever thought could happen.” (Ascended master Melchizedek).

These works significantly involve the combining of heart and 3rd eye functions as they consist of very much pure feeling and visualisation.  They are all extremely enjoyable and
can be regarded as very active meditative healing techniques.  They allow the lightworker to experiment with and explore their imagination.  The lightworker will gain a greater understanding of their purest emotions and feelings and will strengthen their visualisation skills.  These will greatly prepare the lightworker for the tasks that they will be undertaking as they climb up into the higher realms throughout their soul’s spiritual development.
It is very important to do inner lightwork on ourselves but here we are focusing on group work so we can discuss more at a later date.

Initial preparatory meditation

For all of the techniques below we must first clear the mind of thoughts.  Scan the body for any tensions.  Let them relax.  Put your attention to feeling your etheric body, the warm nourishing energy of life that flows through every atom in every cell.  Find any other deeper tensions that you may feel will now be easily relaxed just by feeling the life there that is their true state.  Pay special attention to making sure that the brow and heart areas are as relaxed and open as possible.  Then stay feeling your heart deeply and allowing it to expand.  After some practice this whole process will get easier and quicker.  You will be able to do it even when walking within a few seconds.

The Lightworks:

Raising humanity’s frequency, healing, and assisting light body activation

With your feeling in your heart first manifest as best you can the purest feeling of unconditional love.  You could have one thought that can trigger this.   Know that your heart is your connection to the infinite unconditional love and light of God and all the power of the universe can be accessed through the heart.  This deep knowing will soon be all you need to manifest extremely powerful feelings of love in any instance.  Combine this with the best possible feeling of perfect health that you can manifest.  Then allow light to flow from your heart and encompass your entire being. Golden and blue energies are those, which are mostly working on earth at this time. 

Try to allow the light to flow from your heart without thinking too hard.  You want the visualisations to work with the heart and not overly from the mind. 

Then with the light flowing with the love from your heart you can begin to see people throughout the world.  See and feel them being in the purest states of love and perfect health.  See them smiling with the most immense happiness.  You know what this feels like.  It is divine and perfect beyond words. This is what they feel like.  You feel this as you see them.  You see this in their eyes and their smiles.  At the same time see the light that you have created flowing through them, healing and uplifting them.  You are connecting with souls all over the globe.  Feel their souls screaming out with joy, shining through their entire being and breaking through the physical illusions of this world.  Your soul is feeling the same.  They are deeply grateful.

You can see many people in short moments or you can spend longer periods of time working with each person.  You will become so skilled one day that you can perform this with many many souls all at once.  You will notice that the clarity and brightness of your visualisations will vary.   This is dependant on many factors so try not to use up energy analyzing it because it is constantly changing and evolving.

Transmitting Lighted Messages

This technique is very similar to the previous one although it involves transmitting and spreading more specific feelings or vibrations.

All words and their meanings evoke vibrations when we speak them in our minds, hearts, or out loud.  They can have very powerful healing effects just by being repeated.
We are going to use specific pure words and phrases, which are soully aimed for the greater good of all.  These are:

Love, I love you, compassion, forgive, gratitude, thank you, accept, relax, oneness, we are free, we are one, we are love.

We will take “forgive” as an example as this is extremely important at this time.  Forgiveness is essential for people to evolve spiritually.  A lack of it creates a dead-end for the progress of a soul’s spiritual development.  It must be realised for one to move on.

In your heart manifest the deepest feeling of forgiveness that you know.  Then send light through people while repeating the word “forgive”.   See and feel them experiencing deep forgiveness for themselves as the light passes through them.  The message of forgiveness carries a specific frequency that is felt energetically by the soul.  This will manifest into physicality and their consciousness at the divine time. 

The same process can be done for any of the words or phrases above or any others that you wish to try out with your purest intentions.  This powerful technique has and continues to help so many souls. 

Of course this will strengthen your own understanding and deep belief of any of the messages that you decide to focus on.

Opening our hearts

The opening and growing of the heart chakra is one of the most important processes in ascension.
Again this uses the same concept except this time we stay in the heart and imagine what it feels like for it to be fully open far beyond the body, with the power and love of the universe constantly rumbling through its centre.  We can see bright light growing increasingly wide from its center.

Then we can see many souls experiencing this in unison.  Feel their hearts growing more and more and more.  We can include the lighted message “open your hearts” to transmit in unison with the feeling. 

After doing this for a certain period of time you will probably find at a later date when you relax that your own heart begins to grow quite easily by itself.  It will feel like its energetic sphere is widening and opening up your lungs and chest area at the same time.

Assisting activation of Gaia’s / Earth’s energy grids and healing her 1 & 2

1) First talk to Gaia.  Tell her that you love her and that you are going to help her.  You will know deeply that she is listening and you should feel this.
            Bring light down from above your head, through your body, and into Gaia’s core.  Do this for as long as you want.                                                                        OR
      2) Go into your heart and imagine our heart being right in the centre of Gaia’s heart in her central sun or “core” as most people know it.  Feel the infinte love of God flowing from your heart in unison to that of mother Gaia.  Then allow bright light to flow from your heart into Gaia’s and her energy grids.  You will feel Gaia working with you as the light flows powerfully and brightly into her.  You will notice how quickly you can establish your connection with her just through your intentions.  This is also reflected in the speed at which you will feel her gratitude for this light that you offer her.  You will feel very quickly and powerfully uplifted during or soon after this lightwork.

Spreading light throughout the cosmos

We are all interdimensional beings.  The extent to which we understand this eternal aspect of ourselves is becoming more and more clear and will continue to do so as we continue to ascend into full consciousness.  We are all magnificent creators.   Every thought and feeling plays a part in the creation of all that is.  At this time our thoughts and feelings are becoming increasingly powerful in reaching every part of every galaxy in every universe.  We may or may not realise this yet.  This is true because in the higher realms we exist as being one with everything.  Therefore we are everything and everyone and everything and everyone are us.  This is oneness.  This is our true state.

The ascended masters put emphasis on the importance to send our love and light throughout the cosmos.  All we need is to imagine and feel this and it is assisting these places to ascend, heal and experience more love and light. 

This also enhances our own understanding and feeling of our true eternal nature.  We break ever further from the boundaries of the physical.

This is immensely enjoyable as there is no limit to how creative you can be.

Always finish with a gratitude prayer / meditation.  You can repeat “thank you” in your heart with the intentions for the work that you have been creating to be received.  You can do this for any period of time that feels right for you.  Saying and feeling “thank you” will open up the energetic pathways of your being that allow you to receive.  If our intentions are for the world to receive our lighted energies then our gratitude will see that they manifest quickly.


It is said that this etheric lightwork is the very best way in which we can help humanity and Gaia.  This is the purest way to focus our gift of thought, as thoughts are given to us as a tool to create and manifest with.

These works are purely for the greater good of all but of course this entails changes In your own lives when you practice these regularly.  Immediately you will notice a brighter glow to your eyes and skin.  You will feel more spiritually and physically healed.  You will see and feel a deeper connection to all around you.  Everything will look more alive and bright.  Inner issues will surface faster for you to notice and clear them.  Your spiritual development will accelerate as you have aided in the acceleration of the spiritual development of all.  You will understand much more deeply how energy flows and how karmic cycles work. 
You will be guided faster towards your soul’s purpose.  The deep understanding and knowledge that you will obtain through this experience will prepare you to become a master teacher to those who will soon be eager to learn such things.

Mankind and all beings exist as a collective consciousness.  That which we are, feel and see is that which we manifest in reality.

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